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What are the best travel accessories?

When it comes to travel accessories, the main thing to consider is what kind of trip you're going on. Why? A lot of things can vary in your luggage depending on how many days you're going to be away from home.

That's why, in today's article, we're listing the must-have accessories for any trip. On ShoppingTale.com you can find some of these items and don't miss the opportunity to buy them on sale!

1. Cable organiser

For someone who travels with different equipment such as cameras, laptops, mobiles and tablets, it is necessary to have an organizer where you can place all the cables and connectors of these devices.

The organisers have different compartments or mesh pockets where everything will fit easily, and they are made of very resistant materials that will protect everything inside.

2. Travel pillow

Long plane journeys can be a perfect time to rest, but if you don't have a comfortable way to do it, it will end up being a real suffering.

To avoid this and to be able to sleep while you fly, you should always go with a travel pillow, which will give you the comfort you need to rest your neck!

3. Luggage scale

If you're worried that your suitcase is overweight before you take a flight, get yourself a suitcase scale!

With it, you'll be able to know how many kilos it really weighs on the way to and from your trip. They are very practical, ergonomic and easy to use. What's more, they can be stored in your handbag.

4. Power converter

When you visit countries outside Europe, you may notice that the current and plugs are different, which is why you need a travel adapter that allows you to charge your devices without damaging them.

5. Portable charger

So that you don't run out of battery while you're walking the streets of your destination and you always have a charge to take some pictures, a portable charger is perfect, as they are practical, very light and can be easily carried in any bag.

6. Travel bottles

They are handy, easy to use and compact in size. Travel bottles are perfect for storing those toiletries that often end up all over our suitcases. These are small bottles, almost always made of plastic, in which you can store different products such as creams or shampoos.

7. Security wallet

A wallet with RFID blocking will keep all your information protected from unwanted scans, plus they have heavy-duty zips and are made of fabrics that prevent rips and cuts, making a document holder a highly functional accessory, especially for tourists.

8. Laundry kit

You won't have to suffer looking for a place to wash your clothes if you have a travelling laundry kit, which has the necessary implements to clean some clothes while you're away from home.

9. Ear plugs

Another ideal accessory to buy with frequent air travellers are travel earplugs that regulate the pressure in your ears with that of the cabin, so that you don't suffer from headaches and have a trip without irritating sounds.